June Star Notes: Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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There’s always a lot going on in the heavens, but some particular points of light to consider in June, 2007 are as follows:

The ‘Blue Moon’ or 2nd Full Moon in May carries its brightness into the first part of June. This light will lend itself to supporting ventures that require the emotional energy inherent in the Moon and can indicate emotional support for many of our efforts.

Venus also moves into the sign of Cancer on May 31st where it is will remain until 4th of July weekend. It will also be conjunct Saturn at the end of June and the first part of July so there could some difficulties and hard work to maintain the family plans and good relationships that connect and nurture our summer activities.

A real focus in June occurs mid-month. There is a dark Moon/new Moon at the same time the Sun transits from the sign of Taurus into Gemini and Mercury goes retrograde from the 15th of June through July 9th. And, just to add planetary spice to this mid-month mix, Mars moves from the sign of Pisces into its own fiery sign of Aries. This much transition could indicate confusion in our personal lives, mixed up air travel and a struggle with communications in general. There could even be more early ‘fireworks’ for our military and in our forests before the 4th of July.

And, never forget the Summer Solstice when the Moon in Leo will be next to the ‘shadow’ planet, Ketu. Ketu, the south node of the Moon, is a mathematical point in the heavens where eclipses occur. Its connection as it transits the Moon on the Solstice could bring heightened intuition as well as some unexpected or surprising events in government, both at home and abroad!

June is busy! But all planetary movement allows us to access our own ‘inner light’ and choose positive courses of action regardless of outside appearances.

Blessings to you all!!

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